Going on holiday is exciting and thrilling, but can sometimes be very stressful when making all the pre-trip arrangements.

One of the things that needs to be part of the planning, is the selection and training of a responsible pet sitter. Whether you make use of a professional pet sitting service or make arrangements with a friend or family member, consider the following tips:

Tag your keys on collection. We advise you to put your name and NOT your address on a tag so that the pet sitter knows exactly whose key they have, without the possibility of introducing a security risk should the keys be misplaced or lost.

Detailed instructions. Ensure you supply as much detail as possible on your information form. This reduces confusion and allows the sitter to always have a reference if their memory fails them.

Communicate your plans. It is important for your sitter to know what time you leave and what time you return home. This is to ensure no feeds/visits are missed. Sitters can also put lights on for you if you are arriving late at night.

Supply all utensils needed. If your pets get tin food, ensure you leave a can opener and spoon. A plastic packet/dustbin is also always appreciated by your sitter.

Lastly, ensure you have left enough food for the duration of your trip. No food will be wasted. We all know that stopping at the shops on your way home from your holiday is annoying and frustrating because you just want to get home and be greeted by your beloved pets.

These tips may seem pretty obvious, but you will not believe how often they are neglected in the rush to get away. By considering our advice next time you leave your pet in the care of a pet sitter, you increase the likelihood of everything going well and making sure that you can enjoy your break without unnecessary interruptions.