First of all though, please be aware that walking off leash is not suitable for all dogs, and you must primarily have done some dog training or obedience classes.

When you are ready, here’s what you need to know:

Always try your pet off leash in an enclosed area, call them back and reward with a treat.

When they walk next to you, reward frequently with treats to keep their attention.

Observe if your pet is likely to be distracted by kids, bicycles, cars and birds or if he stays focused on you.

Always walk in a large area, like a park or reserve, where you are away from traffic and major distractions.

Be aware and observant, in order to prevent anything unpleasant happening to you or your pet.

Be considerate and leash your pet when approaching other pets and people.

Enjoying your pet off leash is wonderful and rewarding,
so make sure you have done the proper training so everything can go smoothly.