As pet owners we always want to spoil our pets with treats and tit-bits from our plates while cooking or cleaning up, but it is vital that we ensure these spoils are safe for our furry friends. Despite how big their eyes get, here are the top 10 dangerous mistakes we commonly make

Garlic: This could cause anaemia and vomiting. Some people believe the ingestion of garlic repels fleas but this is a myth. Rather steer clear.

Rat poison: Although we wish to be rid of small pests, we may end up being rid of one of our pets. Some dogs such as jack Russell are driven by their hunting instinct and consume the poison even when it is hidden behind fridges and washing machines. Rather be safe and find other forms of extermination.

Xylitol: This sugar substitute may cause liver failure as it increases the release of insulin.

Raw/uncooked meat: This is a shocker to most of us but yes, these meats contain bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella. Even bones, which one would think a wild dog would eat, can cause blockages or cuts in their throats/ mouths.

Raisins and grapes: Although these are healthy for humans they can cause kidney failure when ingested by dogs.

Dairy and milk: Even though your milk has gone off and you do not want to waste it, your dogs have problems digesting it as they only release small amounts of lactase and they may get diarrhoea.

Alcohol: This seems obvious but some people enjoy sharing their beer. Under no circumstances should you give any of your pets alcohol. This causes many effects but most importantly it may cause death.

Chocolate: This has many side effects on your pet. They may get diarrhea, vomiting, seizures or hyperactivity. Dark chocolate is the most dangerous and white chocolate is the least.

Caffeine: We may not be able to cope without our morning coffee but your pets can do without. They may develop abnormal heart rhythms, tremors or seizers and you may end up spending your day (and your money) at the vet.

Tuna for cats: This is perfectly fine as a periodic treat but cats cannot eat tuna as their stable diet. Tuna packed for humans my cause mercury poisoning or malnutrition as they do not receive enough nutrients.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about the welfare of your pets. We are dedicated to help you care for your pet whether at home or going away.