We all dream of working from home. Getting up late, staying in our pyjamas and spending time with our pets. But when you are forced to work from home and you have not done so before there may be a few challenges that you will have to deal with relating to your pet. Your dog doesn’t understand that you are now home but need to work and will see this as an opportunity to get some extra attention. 

Let’s look at 5 tips to help your doggie get used to you working from home.  

#1. Create A Schedule for You and Your Dog

Routine, routine and routine… Our four-legged family sleep most of the day when we are out or at work but now you are home and they will want to play. 

#2. 30 Minute Playtime or Walk

Throw the ball and play fetch or enjoy a tug of war with their favorite toy as a tired dog becomes a relaxed dog. 

#3. Classical Music or Radio

Put on some soothing classical music or play the radio softly in the background. I found this calming for me and my dog. Give them a toy but try and avoid the squeaky kind. 


#4. Create a ‘Special Place” for Them to Relax

Move their bed or blanket nearer to you so that they feel included but are not disruptive when you are working. They will relax and know this is the “work environment”.


 #5. Love and Cuddles

This is a lovely time to build a stronger bond and understanding with your doggie and gives you that short break to stretch your legs before getting back to work.

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