Why does your doggy have the zooms after a bath?

Dog in Towel

Dogs love their unique smell and spend a lot of time perfecting it rummaging through the dustbin, rolling in some “phoo” digging holes in the mud… But we humans, want them to be clean, look like fluffy furballs and smell pleasant so that they can cuddle with us on the bed.

It’s Bath Time!

While I am getting the bath and the shampoo ready, my Jack Russell is up the stairs pretending to be invisible, her tail is wagging but at half the normal pace, she looks at me with droopy sad puppy eyes for she knows what is coming.  My Jackie loves the ponds and streams and never hesitates to wallow or sit in the cool water when out on her walks, but to have a bath with warm clean water and lovely scented soap is not her idea of fun.

Half an hour later, no longer looking like a drowned rat, she is running around like a Duracell bunny on steroids, rolling, jumping on and off the sofa. We call it the zoomies or the rips but the scientific explanation is Frenetic Random Activity Periods – F.R.A.P. 

But why?

Zoomies and uncontained excitement or Frenetic Random Activity Periods after a bath releases pent up energy.  We do the same when we are feeling nervous or uncertain or out of our comfort zone. Remember the new job and the buildup of adrenaline and stress and when we let go … oh boy do we let go… it is a RELIEF.

Most dogs dislike baths, they tolerate it (probably cursing under their breaths evil human) but they hate to be controlled and confined in the bath. Wetting you with a “shake rattle and roll is probably their way of getting back at you but it is also an efficient way of getting rid of the water.  I am always amazed at how they move so more effective than my towel and seem to escape from the hairdryer!  While doggies will let you dry them others prefer to run in the wind and self-dry.

Wet Dog

Dogs like their smell and when we shampoo them with perfume it may smell weird to them so they run around rolling or rubbing themselves against furniture and may run right out the back door and roll in some unpleasant in the garden to get their smell back. After all their unique smell is how they introduced themselves to their friends.

Let us know if your dog goes NUTS after a bath

Look out for our next blog – How to calm, prepare to bath, and bath your dog ensuring a great experience.