Like most cat owners, if you were to ask me the question “is it necessary to have your cat groomed?”, my answer would have been no. I used to be under the impression that cats are the most self-sufficient of all pets. Apart from the obvious things like not being able to use a can opener, they really can look after themselves.

That was until one day I was woken up to the truth that they are not as “independent” as they would like us to believe. My cat had developed an ear infection and the vet asked how frequently I have them checked and cleaned.

So what are the benefits of having my cat professionally groomed?

1) Professional groomers work with cats daily, so they understand that these experiences can be scary for some cats. Their first priority is to help keep your loved one as happy and relaxed as possible. They are specially trained to do exactly that. No procedure is ever “rushed” as this will cause your pet to become stressed.

2) A professional groomer will focus on the areas that we as normal pet owners may miss, like ears. They need to be cleaned regularly to remove any type of wax and dirt build-up, which may result in a nasty and painful ear infection.
The groomer will also take note of any signs that there may be a problem building up and advise you to seek veterinary care. These are things such as bald spots, redness, discharge, swelling, debris
, odor, caked ear wax or even bleeding.

3) Trimming and general claw care. A cat’s claws are their main form of defense and are used for hunting, BUT, that’s mostly required in the wild, where they will naturally be worn down.
A domestic house cat’s claws will also suffer the normal daily wear and tear of climbing walls, trees, digging, and walking on harder surfaces. However, that alone is not enough to keep them healthy, they should be trimmed down regularly. This might also help save your furniture from becoming a scratch post. When a cat’s claws become too long and start to split, they need to remove the old bits of claw somehow and this is often when a cat resorts to “clawing” carpets, curtains, and even chairs.

4) Regular grooming eliminates discomfort in many ways for your cat. Firstly brushing is something that they enjoy, it’s has a massage effect on their coat.
Brushing also promotes healthy hair growth and stimulates the production of natural oils within the coat. This will help to remove dead and dry skin which may become itchy when the seasons change and the air becomes drier.

By using the Paws N Claws team you can rest assured and have peace of mind as the overall well-being and care of your pets is always our first priority.