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Paws n Claws Services started as a hobby in December 2013 as a holiday job. With experience in basic dog training, dog grooming and owning horses, dogs and cats for the past 20 years, the love and care for pets in the comfort and safety of their home soon became a family adventure.

We have grown substantially since then and now have 42 sitters across Gauteng who share our love and passion. We have created many job opportunities for such animal lovers, especially for semi-retired and retired members of our community.

At Paws n Claws we pride ourselves in a cost effective service without compromising on the high standard of care required. We have introduced an innovative management system that enables us to keep all communication open between client, sitter and our office.

Being members of Trusted Housesitters.com, PSI and BNI, we have the opportunity to grow with the best knowledge and international expertise in our aim to give back to our four legged family that loves us unconditionally and gives us their 100% loyalty.


Most pet sitters work alone and are not always available and reliable, often resulting in problems for the pet owner. At Paws n Claws we remove these obstacles by working as a team. The result is that our clients can go away with complete peace of mind, knowing that their 'fur children' are in excellent hands and care.

Traditionally, pet sitters are students looking for pocket money. This is not the case at Paws n Claws, where we carefully select more mature sitters and equip them with the necessary tools, knowledge and training. We also educate our clients on pet first aid and provide tips on how to care for their pets.

  • We use mature sitters as well as semi retired and retired

  • Customer service and turnaround time is key

  • Mobile management system for quality checks

  • Professional training and check lists for staff

  • Stay in touch mails

  • Qualified and experienced staff across many aspects of pet care

  • Many sitters to cover more areas

  • Sitter incentives and client discount scheme on referrals

  • Celebrate pet birthdays

  • Token gift for client on return/pet treats

Pet Sitting Accreditation