Asked Questions

You will never need to worry about
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Pet Sitting Questions

Can we meet the sitter before booking and can I request another sitter if I am not happy?
Yes, we offer a free Meet and Greet with client and pets and will send you the most suitable sitter for your pets’ needs and requirements. Your comfort and peace of mind are our highest priorities.
Who are your sitters?
All our sitters are mature, passionate animal lovers and most of them are volunteers at animal shelters. We have screened them thoroughly and they have all passed a comprehensive background check.
Can I have the sitters number?
We do not give out our sitters’ private contact details. All communication will be handled by our office.

We give you access to your own private portal where you can view regular updates and pictures of your pet. This is our unique way of making sure you enjoy your time away, resting assured that your pet is well cared for.

Where are you situated?
We have a team of sitters across Gauteng. We cover all areas from Roodepoort to Benoni, as well as Pretoria East.
Our sitters are assigned within a 5-10 km radius of their homes, so they know your local area well.
Can you walk my dog daily?
Yes we can, provided your dog is controlled and safe to walk. There may be an extra charge for this service, so please discuss it with us in advance.
Do I leave food etc. for the sitter?
No, our sitters will bring their own food.
Will the sitter be at my home 24/7?
Our standard arrangement is that sitters are at your premises from 7 pm to 7 am. We can accommodate 24/7 availability as a special request. Please inform us in good time, so we can make the necessary arrangements.
How do I know I can trust you and your sitters?
Our business was founded out of our love for animals, and we have a proven track record going back over 4 years.
We are members in good standing with:
• PSI – Professional Petsitters International
• BNI – Business Networking International
Can you take my pet to the vet if sick?
Yes we will take your pet to your local vet on your request. The vet will call you directly to give feedback and organise payment, so please let your vet know when you are going away.
Is it possible to extend our stay?
Yes it is. Please advise us 24 hours in advance. If your sitter is unavailable we will assign another sitter.

Pet Grooming Questions

Do you come to our home?

Yes, we have a fully kitted out mobile grooming unit. Our professional groomers come to your home and groom the pets in the comfort of your home. All we need is an electricity point and your pet’s own towels.

How often should we groom?

Every 4-6 weeks to maintain a healthy coat and the well-being of your pet.

Do you groom cats?

Yes, we do

Can we watch and stay in the mobile unit?

No, your pets will be distracted by your presence which will make the grooming process difficult.  Our groomers are professionals and very patient.

If my pet has a lot of knots can you brush them out?

We will do our best to get the knots out but our priority is the well-being of the pet.  If the matting is too tight and it will hurt the pet it is normally better to shave the coat.

How long does a grooming take?

A wash and dry is 30mins but depending on the breed and size of the pet a full grooming can take 45mins to an hour. Even longer for big breeds and difficult pets.

How much is a full groom?

Each pet is unique and requires different styles and clips so we will give a personal quote.

Do you work on Saturdays?

Yes, we do.

Do you offer discounts for regular grooming?

Our Loyalty Programme gives you every 10th grooming free! Please ask about our regular grooming packages.

How do the payments work?

Payment is made in advance or on the day. Please let us know if you plan to pay with cash so that we can give you a receipt.