Mobile Pet

Pet Grooming Service

As qualified groomers we are hands on with both staff and customers to deliver a professional mobile pet grooming service. We offer a relaxing and stress-free appointment for your pets in the convenience of your own home. The service is available from Woodmead to Pretoria, west to Roodpoort and east to Boksburg.

Mobile Dog Grooming

With a full profile and history of your pets already on our Pet Management System we have all the information we need.

Our mobile pet grooming unit is spacious, well equipped with hot water and an extendable roof area and side panel for rain.  We only use cage-free drying techniques with industrial dryers and our groomers are both qualified on all breeds of dogs and cats as well as all the cuts and styles.

You will never need to worry about
how your pup is doing in our care!

Wash, brush and dry with no cutting, trimming or styling

Wash, brush, dry and trimming of the face and feet

Wash, brush, dry ,clean eyes and ears, shape and style including shaving, cutting nails, brushing teeth and a sanitary trim

We apply a premix dip after shampoo and rinse to combat ticks and fleas on the coat. This treatment should be repeated every 6-8 weeks.

Dog coats often become tangled and knotted without frequent brushing and may be very painful to brush out. This may take extra time as it is extremely unpleasant for the pet. Our experienced staff will advise you of the extra charge before grooming.

Cats are self groomers but longer haired breeds such as Maine Coon or Siberian need regulary brushing and grooming to maintain their lovely coats. Cats are difficult to groom and often require two groomers to assist. We brush or shave your cat if required.

* Prices and Sensitive skin shampoo available on request.


We have also launched a PawsNClaws loyalty card which gives you the 10th Grooming session for FREE!!

Pet Grooming Accreditation